Career & Individual Coaching

"Live Now" Individual Coaching Package

Do you know that you have a purpose, but you're not exactly sure what it is? Are you ready to live according to your purpose, but lacking goals and a clear plan? I know you're frustrated, because you've tried things often designed for other people, but given to you as a "one-size fits all" solution. Don't waste your time any longer! I entitle this package Live Now, because I provide practical solutions to literally jump start you towards living on purpose.

What You Get:

  • 6 hours of coaching
  • Renew Your Mind - What is that? It is understanding triggers that keep you stuck, and rewriting the negative scripts that have been en-grafted on your mind. It is our thoughts that govern our speech, and actions. So, it is imperative that we get our mind under control. Clients complete an assessment, and training on thought management.
  • Vision & Purpose - Vision is God's will for your life, and unleashes your purpose; which is your designated role on this earth. Don't know the answer, that's fine. We work together to get an understanding of your skills, knowledge, abilities, and passions in order to unleash your vision and purpose. We all have a hunch of what our purpose may be, it just takes a little understanding, and owning of who we are to get there.
  • You will be able to articulate their vision, and purpose by the end of our sessions.
  • Planning & Implementation - A vision without a plan is just a dream. Planning is instrumental for you to stay on track, and maximize your resources.
  • I work to show you how to make S.M.A.R.T. goals, and perform effective action planning.

INVESTMENT: $450.00 ➤ Schedule & Purchase Here


Package 1 - CAREER BLISS

Entry level job or salary up to $40,000


#ThisIsNotWhereIWantToBe #INeedSomethingDifferent

Your career demands your attention! 
Whether your goal is to transition from career to entrepreneurship, become a supervisor, switch careers, get the promotion you deserve, or rise to the c-suite; learn and maximize on everything that is given, and/or offered to you!!!

Career Management 101--Let's get back to basics...3 things to help you stay in control of your career.

1-Understand where you are in your career-- Are you happy, sad, disgruntled, excelling, going in circles???

2-Know where you want to go with your career--Going from job to job is not managing your career; it's chasing money. Where do you want your career to go???

3- Create a plan on how to get to your career destiny!!!-- Having vision on where you want to go, but no plan is definitely a nightmare waiting to happen. Know what it takes to get to your career destiny, and make a plan of action.

It's your career... Let's manage it wisely!!

Our Carer Bliss Program teaches you how to take control of your career so you can grow, get the promotion, and most of all be HAPPY!

What You Get:

  • 4 hours of coaching-Understand how to masterfully manage your career!
  • Resume rewrite, interview coaching, goal setting, and creation of an individual development plan.
  • Please contact: for senior non-manager, senior manager, and executive level quotes

INVESTMENT: $300.00 ➤ Schedule & Purchase Here

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PACKAGE 2 - Resume Review & Interview Coaching

  • Resume Review - 1 Resume
  • Interview Coaching - 1 Hour

INVESTMENT: $50.00 ➤ Schedule & Purchase Here

Senior level and executive level resumes, and interview coaching sessions are an extra cost of $50, and $100 respectively during the sale. This offer is for one resume review, and one one hour interview coaching session per customer. Additional reviews, and coaching sessions can be given at an additional charge. Those who wish to have additional reviews, or coaching, and took advantage of this offer, will receive $25% off services. KC LLC does not guarantee job placement.