Strategic HR Consulting

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Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images

Organizational Growth We believe all employers want happy employees!!!

our solutions provide HR business building solutions that grow businesses. 

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Employee Engagement & Morale
We believe that an engaged workforce is often a productive workforce.  So we work through a process that not only identifies the challenges affecting the productivity and growth of organizations, but defines and develops solutions to overcome them too. 
1.  Diagnostic Services (assessing the current environment); 
2.  Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis -(survey design (Qualitative),  interviews & focus groups (qualitative);
3.  Marketing & Communication Plans (Setting up the culture to be vested and participate in CHANGE);
4.  Data & Trend Analysis; and
5.  Project Planning and Solution Implementation.

Workforce Planning
Kirkland Consulting LLC Asses current organizational goals, and obtain an understanding of future strategic goals in order to develop planning that provides strategies for recruiting, and on-boarding.   Also provides solutions for ensuring knowledge transfer and robust succession management.  

Performance Management
KC LLC provides an integrated approach that examines all factors affecting leadership and non-leadership GROWTH, and the overall GROWTH of the organization. Our team is versed in providing training, and tools that drive effective, fair, and equitable performance management practices. Feedback, effective coaching of employees, development of SMART goals, and where necessary the establishment of HC performance management standards are some of the things we focus on.  

Organizational Development
We are versed in providing competency assessments and skill gap data analysis for the purposes of informing workforce planning and training, and developing robust career paths that address skill gaps in core positions. 
We conduct all individual goal setting, individual & organizational development planning, and leadership development. 

Human Capital Process & Policy Improvement & Development
Conduct comprehensive policy and process reviews, and develop and revamp policies where necessary.  Also, administer compliance reviews and develop measures.